Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Last Night in East Africa

Tonight was our last night in Tanzania. We went out to dinner and had our last taste of East African fishies at our favorite little seafood restaurant. We went to the mall in Dar and bought some luggage straps to help hold together the bulging bags we'll be checking tomorrow. And at the same mall, we went to see a movie. The movie was good, an enjoyable tale. But it was hard to follow... not that the storyline was overly intricate or confusing, but simply that we found concentrating on the screen a difficult task. You see, we spent much of the movie watching the constant up and down running of a ferret-sized rat about 10 feet to our left on the wall. When we weren't watching the rat's movements, we were watching the extreme amusement/horror of the couple next to us.

Oh Africa, we will miss you fondly!

And on our way out of the mall, walking to our car...
Yes, you sir, the parapregic, you can park here!

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