Monday, September 17, 2007

African Worship in America

Last night we had an African styled worship service that Michael helped to put together. The evening was filled with fun and we firmly believe that God smiled on us during that time. We had everything from songs led by drums to drama (complete with a den full of lionhearted 5-yr olds) to dancing. God even smiled enough on us to cool off the place entirely for the day. It was a beautiful night, grins all around!

Brain Teaser #2
This one's for all the NASCAR fans out there!
You're driving a car on a 2 mile track. The first mile you drove at a constant speed of 30mph. How fast do you need to drive for the second mile to average 60mph for the 2-mile track?

Swahili word for the day is cheza, which means "dance".


Nick said...

I'll tell you one thing is much faster than a "Duma."

And the Internet.

Paul said...

Barth's are saying 90mph, but it is probably not that easy.

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Barth's are wrong this time.

Anonymous said...

90mph on the second lap would be an average of app 45mph

Nick K said...

I'm pretty sure it would be nearly impossible to AVERAGE 60 MPH for the whole 2 miles. Here's why:

To average 60 mph, the driver would need to traverse the entire track within 2 minutes.

60 mph = 1 mile per minute.

2 miles at 60 mph = 2 minutes.

However, the driver has already been driving for 2 minutes when he completes the first mile.

30 mph = .5 mile per minute.

1 mile at 30 mph = 2 minutes.

Since he has already been driving for 2 minutes when he completes the first mile, unless he can instantaneously move from the end of Mile 1 to the end of Mile 2, he will not be able to average 60 MPH.

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Well done Nick K! Remove the word "nearly" from your first sentence, and you have it exactly!

Thanks for the visit this weekend, we really enjoyed getting to see you.

2 points for Nick K!

Nick said...

Hey, Nick^2.

Yes, not just nearly impossible -- impossible.

It would have to be faster than a Cheetah, the Internet, or even light.

Nick K said...

Actually, all it would take is some sort of device that allows the driver to pass through time and space instantaneously.

While one might think a flux capacitor would do the trick, I think it would take more. The flux capacitor would allow the driver to travel through time, but not space.

So, the driver will need some sort of teleportal device.

Then, he can average 60 MPH for the 2 miles after driving 30 MPH for the first.

Nick said...

The driver, in his delorian, with the flux capacitor would need to reach a speed of 88 mph before he could travel through time. Therefore we would need to consider the added time it would take to accelerate (and the distance over which this acceleration would take place) and then calculate how many seconds into time previously he would need to travel in order to 'land' back into the correct time-space continuum to complete the lap, and to complete it in 2 minutes time.

Is this a NASCAR question or a nerd question?

Anonymous said...

if you went 1,000,000mph on the 2nd mile you would average 59.998mph which is basically 60

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Nick K, how do you feel about 59.998? Is that basically 60?


paul? nick?

Nick said...


But I am only commenting under protest -- my answers were correct. And I used Swahili.

Michael & Joe Joe said...

You make a good point Nick. I did not notice that your first answer was spot on, and great reference to an early posted swahili word. 2 bonus points to Nick.

Nick said...


Hey man, do you have a stattracker here on your site? It would probably be neat for you to see how many people check your updates.