Sunday, September 11, 2011

Streets of France

Driving home from a young friend's birthday party today, I noticed something as our road came off of the winding hillside path and entered into our very French quarter of the city: France has pretty streets. Interesting routes too. Old roads that follow ancient walls and castles on hills, city streets that were built for people on foot and horse carriages but now accept tiny European cars, tightly squeezing by one another. Buildings and trees often border roads not at a distance, but close enough to touch out the window. Trees often overhang and form canopies. So here's some photos. Streets. Buildings. Beaches. Stuff we've seen in the past month. A picture of where we are and where we've been:

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Tim H said...

Well those are some obvious differences for a country that has been inhabited for over 2,000 years instead of just over 200 years!!!