Thursday, September 15, 2011


Blaise Pascal. French mathematician, scientist, philosopher, theologian (in that order, I think). In 39 short years, dude managed to accomplish quite a bit. Ever been through basic trigonometry class and remember Pascal's Triangle? Like betting your soul and quoting Pascal's Wager? How about physics class... can you quantify SI derived units of pressure without the Pascal? Nope. Old-school programmers are familiar with Pascal, the programming language. Can a young student of hydrostatics pass first year without a basic understanding of Pascal's Law? It's absolutely necessary. Impressed so far? Me too. And it continues: contributions to probability theory, important author of the Frech Classical Period, and he said this:

"Il y a un vide en forme de Dieu dans le cœur de tout homme, un vide qu’aucune chose créée ne peut remplir sinon Dieu, le Créateur, manifesté en Jésus-Christ."

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Robin Haggerty said...

Wow Michael, that is a very profound quote that makes me ponder which is good as I need that from time to time. Aunt Robin