Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Too sick to dance?

Since the time of hearing his first bits of music, our little boy's been a dancer. Even when he could do little more then shake his arms and legs to the music while laying stationary on the ground, he did so and made his wishes of contant melodies known. His moves have been fairly consistent and simple: the bounce, the spin, the side-to-side sway, the running man, and more recently the jump.

Since the weekend though, he's been sick. Poor guy has been running a constant fever and coughing and just generally being pitiful since Friday night. He sits a lot (1st sign he was sick). He'll read with us or watch cartoons, but mostly just wants to sit in our laps or head to bed for a nap. Eating is mostly non-existent, and the smiles rare but cherished. This is sort of what it looks like right now: (you may notice that in his sick state he's taken a liking to mama's socks and daddy's hat)

However, Sawyer did escape the sickness for a few minutes last night by busting a groove to his favorite singing lion (thanks again Aunt Jenni...). Check out the moves:


brady said...

That's awesome! I muted the video and was playing my own music, and it looked like he was dancing to any music I put on. The kid's got moves!

Anonymous said...

Why, you are most certainly welcome. ; P

THE Aunt Jenni

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Ha. I love the idea Brady. Feel free to create a remix. Yeah, his moves are like that, they don't discriminate. He's unilaterally rockin, always.

Thank y... no, I'm going to stop saying it Jenni. It's sarcastic. We are not really thanking you.