Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmasy Evening in Paris

After a full week of a sick little boy...
We decided that a trip to town for a Parisian Noël was in order. Some fresh air should do us all good, right? So we headed for the Galleries Lafayette, a fully French shopping mall extravaganza. As we stepped out of the metro, the first thing we noticed was lights lights lights!
Walking along the side of the mall, we saw for the first time a French Christmas tradition: window boxes. All of the window displays previously filled with mannequins and Europe's latest fashions were transformed to miniature winter-wonderlands. Penguins and elves and wooden children played and laughed and danced in their own cubed-meter case. We've since noticed versions of these window displays everywhere, from our apartment to otherwise empty-courtyards to pharmacy entrances.

Stepping inside the Galleries Lafayette, we stood face-to-face with an immense and beautiful Christmas tree. The galleries themselves are circular in shape, floors up and around the open center, filled up by the tree.
Up on one of the highest floors was one of the best toy stores we'd ever been to. Best as in great quality toys, beautiful displays, and a fun environment. Not so much in price. We happily watched as Sawyer ran the aisles, eyes wide, simply enjoying himself:

We were happy when Sawyer stumbled on each of the two things that we did get for him for Christmas and lit up with joy. Of course, we bought them elsewhere for half the price...

Back outside, we stepped across the street and took in the full view of Galleries Lafayette and Au Printemps.

Well done Paris. Well done.

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