Friday, November 26, 2010

Start of the Season

Call me a legalist if you like, but I am strict about no Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. To me, it adds to the excitement and keeps the music from driving me crazy. I mean, how many times can we listen to O Holy Night and how many versions of What Child is This? can we take? So yeah, I refuse it until after Thanksgiving, which is today.

Yesterday we had a great big Thanksgiving meal with about 50 of our closest local friends from around the world. Today, instead of Black Friday shopping (soooo glad that is now a world away), we spent our day after thanksgiving at language school, as everyday. And then took some dear friends to the airport to send them back home to southern France. Back home a package arrived! Hooray... until we got to the lion that sings The Lion Sleeps Tonight.
Turns out Sawyer likes it, thus we've heard it on a non-stop loop for the next hour. Christmas decorating has begun with music playing, and over the past hour the sun has gone down and the ground has been blanketed in snow out of nowhere. All a wonderfully appropriate start to the Christmas Season. And what a great transition to go from giving thanks to anticipating the coming of a child savior into the world!!

And now my son's walking around with a shopping bag on his head...


Jimmie said...

A singing animal? Sounds like something G-Ma Sizemore would send.

Anonymous said...

Not G-Ma Sizemore...I say in a sing-song voice filled with self-satisfaction...Aunt Jenni! : )