Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Remember Reebok Pumps? I would argue one of the most important shoes of my generation's childhood. Those things raised the bar on sport shoe fashion and function. Who doesn't remember Dee Brown's dunk contest double-pump prep? I wonder how much he was paid for doing that. Maybe nothing. But that moment those things became over-the-top popular. I even got myself a pair of knock-offs from LA Gear. They were pretty sweet too.

Today marked the second time in the last month I've seen someone wearing Reebok Pumps. 1st was a black and green pair in Versailles. Today was a purple and orange pair walking through the supermarket. Both were in pristine condition. Does anyone else find this odd? Are they still being made? Or did these two people somehow find great condition vintage pairs that they just wear around?

With John Wall at the helm, Reebok's about to make a big-time basketball comeback, so maybe they're pulling their old sure-thing out for the opening act? Or is this just a Europe thing? Has anyone else seen Reebok Pumps out and about?

While I'm on the topic of hip consumerism, have you seen the new Windows Phone commercials? If you live in the States, I would guess so. I stumbled across one today, and I think it's marketing genius.

The whole idea of "get your head out of the phone and realize there's a life to be lived" seems like a slam dunk. And that's from someone that's not too big on most windows products. But then again, I don't own a smartphone and don't really want one, so maybe my opinion's a bit nul. I do steal my wife's pretty often though and peruse through her electronic life-connection to the world, so I can't exclude myself from those who need saving (not that I actually think another product will make us less stuck in our own little electronic world... I just think that with this marketing the phone might out-kick its coverage).

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