Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Name that Spice!!

While on our Zanzibar trip, we did a spice tour and saw many of the spices we use everyday and many we rarely use all being grown in their initial and natural stages. Can you name the spices and fruits below by their pictures? 10 points for every correct answer!

Hint: 1, 3, and 6 are fruit, 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8 are spices.

1 (a&b)
(bread fruit - identified by: Jenni)

(nutmeg - identified by: Ashlee)

(starfruit - identified by: Ashlee)
(ginger - identified by: Ashlee)
(pepper - identified by: Kevin Eby)
(litchi fruit)

(vanilla - identified by: Ashlee)

(chili peppers - identified by: Jenni)


Kevin Eby said...

1. Jack Fruit
2. Pomelo
3. Paprika
5. Black Pepper
6. Kewra

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Good tries to start Dr. Eby!

5 is correct, though it can also be white pepper if harvested immaturely. Not yet on the rest!

You not going to try for 7 and 8?

(and your guess for #1 is veeeeery close!)

Ashlee said...

1. Coconut
2. nutmeg fruit
4. Ginger
6.passion fruit
8. Clove

Kevin Eby said...

I'm definitely not a fruit or spice doctor.

I presume that Dr. Livingstone would have got more than one right.

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Way to go Ashlee!! 40 points.

2, 3, 4, and 7 are correct (and 5 as guessed by kevin)

Ashlee: 40 points
Kevin Eby: 10 points

Ashlee said...

1. Tamarind

6.papaya (I can't even come up with another good guess so I'm just naming a fruit at this point)

8. tumeric

Kevin Eby said...

I presume that is not Stanley holding a Durian fruit in photograph #1B.

#8 is without any doubt, a cashew

If we guess them all correctly, can we please hear from the Six Drips before they leave your fair country?

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Ok Ok Ok... you can hear from them, or at least see 'em. Look above. As to the guesses, not yet! Cashews? Really Kevin? We do grow them here, but that's not them!

Anonymous said...

1- breadfruit
8- cayenne or chili peppers or some other type of pepper


Michael & Joe Joe said...

Well done Jenni!

Ashlee: 40 points
Jenni: 20 points
Kevin: 10 points

6 is still up for grabs!

Anonymous said...

That #6 looks a lot like Kiwi, but I'm just guessing. I DON'T KNOW IF ITS GROWN THERE OR NOT. Love ya, Grand MAMA

Kara Joy said...

Okay, here are my guesses for #6

Mango or mangosteen



arabica coffee

It's more of a challenge b/c it's a little hard to see what shape the fruit is.

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Good guesses for #6 ladies. But sorry, not there yet. Agreed the pic is tough, but tougher is that you're probably not familiar with this fruit. Once you compare a picture, I think you'll see the resemblance of a young LITCHI.

Thanks for playing!