Saturday, May 23, 2009

6 Drips

So yes, the 6 drips from Tatesbrook have arrived. A week ago actually. And I've been bullied into making this post. So here it is. We're having a blast people! We've been busy! I feel busier than I've felt in a long time, and as I type this I am exhausted. Just a few hours ago I was talking with a student, and in the middle of one of his sentences I actually fell asleep. Yeah. He suggested that I take a quick nap while he went to help in the kitchen! Kim on the other hand, told us today that she's had more sleep and rest this week than she can ever remember. And yet everytime I look up she's running around doing something. Perspectives.

So our team of 6 people arrived last Saturday, and we've been busy meeting students, discipling, praying on campus, taking trips up the mountian, hanging with Maasai, and experiencing full-force culture shock. But when I searched their cameras for photos to post, this is all I could find:

Here's your "children, spouses, youth leaders, brothers and sisters."
All are mostly alive and well.

We have a week to go and much much much to do and see! Pray for us all!


Nick said...

Higher resolution pictures next time, I want to be able to see Paul's nose hair. Not really, but bigger would be nice.

Looks like fun man! we should talk soon.

Tracy said...

Thanks Michael! Love the one of Paul -- that's my man!

Kevin Eby said...

Thanks for sharing these. It is good to see you all together there and know that yet another set of people are not able to keep up with Kim.

Wilson Family said...

Nice, wish I was there!


Bro. Mike said...

Great to see the pics. I know all of you have been a blessing to the people of Africa. You continue to be in my prayers! Love you all, and wish we were with you!

Lisa and Mike

Hallie said...

We are all getting SO EXCITED to see our friends in TZ and those that we have not met (Sawyer). Know that we are lifting you all up to Him!! Love you guys!

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Thanks all!!

The 6 visitors from KY have boarded their plane and are now heading home. We will miss them all and we thank you at home again for lending them to us, they were great. Paul is now enjoying his 32 hour birthday... not too often that you get one of those!