Thursday, April 16, 2009

What we didn't know

Surprise positives of parenting:
-Incredibly strong thigh muscles. When holding a baby while sitting, and then standing, you have to get up without the usual hands push-off. Add to that the ability to keep your back and chest straight so as not to wake a sleeping baby, and I've got your thighs of steel workout right here!
-We get to see the sunrise, everyday.
-Other children's cries are a cause to celebrate... because it's not ours.
-Dates are much easier and more refreshing than they used to be: a quiet spaghetti dinner at home while the baby sleeps or stays with a friend? The most romantic/fun/relaxing night ever!
-Meeting new people and having conversations comes quite easy. Everyone wants to talk to the parents with the cute little baby, especially if they have one of their own. Sawyer already has nearly 20 girlfriends from every corner of the globe!
-The way we feel when he smiles.

Surprise negatives of parenting:
-We live in a tropical climate, our boy is a little heat-bomb, I'm destined to have a sweaty shoulder/chest/neck for a long time.
-Can someone so small really necessitate a load of laundry everyday?
-Little bruises on thighs and stomach. He likes to kick... hard.
-We get to see the sunrise, everyday.
-Every shirt we own is now stretched out at the neck. The boy's got a grip!
-A new way to think about every object we see: 'is that clean enough to go in his mouth?'

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Reality Show Reject said...

WOW, that boy's getting big!! Sounds like you guys are great parents!