Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hoop Dreams

I've finally made my d1 Collegiate Basketball debut. Oddly, though I'm not actually a student, no one seems to care! I've been playing pick-up games and practicing with the Mzumbe basketball team for about a year now. They've invited me many times to come play in their games, and I finally took them up on it and went. Got to be the token white guy for the evening. It was fun!
Naturally, in a place that always makes sense, it was the red team vs the red team. And it rained on us, but oh we played on! I went home with a rather red bruised up knee that was full of gravel, but it was well worth the fun of cheering on my friends and playing a few minutes alongside them. You can recognize me in the pictures as the one with the oldest, rattiest shoes... I really need to catch up with the times.

Mzumbe's best and youngest fans braved the rain to cheer on the team!


Jimmie said...

Have you seen anyone to help Coach Cal? We still need a point guard. Looks like a good place for an Upward Mission Trip!

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Hasheem Thabeet is the exception, not the rule, let me assure you! Though I read that when he showed up in the US there was mostly talent and not a lot of it refined. So in that sense, there may be some prospects out here. There's a few guys who can jump out of the yard, but can't hit free-throws or box-out...