Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Round at the Local Club

Let me introduce you to golf in Morogoro, Tanzania.
1. Yes we have a golf course. I was not mentally prepared for that either.
2. No carts, must use a caddie, 3 players from one bag? No problem.
3. The rough is rough. The fairway is less rough. The greens... what greens?
4. The 'greens' are made from oil and sand, thus appropriately called 'browns.' The caddy carries a smooth piece of wood to smooth out the oil and sand in order to enable putting.
5. The view is amazing. Simply stunning. Doesn't get better than this!

Form: impeccable.
Ball flight: looks good.
Audience: attentive.
Scenery: breathtaking.
No, the ball didn't go anywhere near where I wanted it to.


Ryan said...

I'm still no better at golf, but I'm hoping that your time off will allow me to be a little closer when you get back, so STOP playing!

Jimmie Sizemore said...

"Browns"- Ha! I love it- I guess that in Africa hazard truly means hazard- Sandtraps full of quicksand- water hazards full of hippos and crocs-Pride of lions next to your ball. I think I would just take the penalty strokes!