Sunday, March 1, 2009

Animals Outside the City

Everybody says the first 6 weeks are the toughest. 5 down. 1 to go.

In all honesty, our little boy has already brought unmeasurable joy to our life. He's also taken some things (hopefully temporarily) from it, like normal sleep, confidence in decision-making, and the ability to watch a movie without a pause button or sound-blocking headphones. Still, we can't help but marvel at God's creation daily and thank Him for the family He's given us.

The past two months we've been living out of a hotel room, making almost daily trips to the hospital for a smorgasboard offering of doctors. Half of that was son-in-the-womb, half was son-in-the room. We expected to be home before now, but God had different plans. Sawyer has been struggling with some severe acid reflux, and Mama's been recovering from a fast labor and introduction to motherhood that severely shocked her system. Thankfully, we've been surrounded by wonderful people throughout our time here who have been nothing but help and encouragement. We think we're about ready to head home to the heat and slower pace of Tanzanian life, and we can't wait for a visit from the new grandparents!

Yesterday we decided we could take the claustrophobia and waiting around no longer, so we loaded up in the car and took Sawyer on his first official safari to the Nairobi Game Park. Yes those are wild giraffes with high-rise buildings in the background! We had a pleasant morning drive and were able to watch quite a few animals. Only once did Sawyer have a major pooping incident in which he left his mark on God's creation... and our car... and Daddy. We now have a couple more doctor visits and then a long drive home. Back in Tanzania we'll get to learn a whole new parenting style involving mosquito nets, village customs, electricity loss, and more rooms than one in which to live! Thank you again to so many of you who have been right there with us throughout. Your words, prayers, gifts, and concern have meant the world to us!

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