Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wedding Fun

These are two of our little friends in Tanzania. We were all at a wedding together this month. These two are always a bundle of joy and are among the most excited here about our little newcomer. Shortly after this picture was taken, the little boy wanted to know if he could marry the little girl. We told him that first he must ask her dad, so he did! Dad gave permission, so he returned to pop the question, and at the ripe age of 4, these two are now engaged to be married. :)

Are we ready for this??

So what do you think? Will we have an ever-confident young man as our first child? Or a sweet little girl?

Swahili word(s) for the day:
A man marries: oa
A woman is married: olewa
A couple marries one another: oana


Kara Joy said...

Not only confident and sweet, but Michael Jr and/or Joe Joe Jr will be quirky and funny, won't like seams in her socks, may possibly tie doorknobs to nearby objects, discover a myriad of ways to imitate the sound of flatulence and annoy/irritate others, and if we're lucky, will have a hairless tail and split feet that flop. Whatever the case may be, the little one will be loved very much.

Paul and Tracy said...

super cute kids!

J & K Wilson said...

A super confident Michael Jr. would be a sight to behold, because he'd be doing naked jumping jacks in public as a preteen!