Monday, June 30, 2008

Up in the Woods

I (M) had the chance to get up into some indigenous forest near the top of the Uluguru Mountains this week together with some friends and spend time in prayer for the Luguru people of the Morogoro region. The people here are farmers, in the mountains. It truly is amazing, how many people are able to make producing fields for crops on 60 degree inclines in seemingly unreachable places. We are veeeeery blessed to have many of the freshest crops in all of Tanzania right at our doorstep. Being up in the forest/jungle really pulled at my heart though. It's sad to see all of that chopped down in order to farm, and yet I still do love the fresh onions, peppers, tomatoes, pineapples, mangoes, and much more. At least there's not high rise apartments and mountain resorts

In addition to a great time of prayer and reflection, sleeping without the neighboring chickens, cows, and dogs was quite peaceful. Nothing to listen to but a gentle waterfall all night.

Dangerous, half-eroded mountain roads: the perfect place to pack 30 people into a van (dalla-dalla, public transport) and drive as fast at the wheels will turn!

Swahili for "to climb a mountain" is kupanda mlima.


J & K Wilson said...

That bus would be a perfect place for the couch game.

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Hmmm... a swell idea indeed. Paul, you in too? Anyone else from the Lodge?