Friday, May 9, 2008

Refreshment On a Hot Day

Ahh the Poop Pop.

Here's what we can offer:
No explanation. No logical translation. No precedent. No idea.

We're speechless. No Swahili words today.


Kara Joy said...

That's fantastic. I love it.

Reality Show Reject said...

Thank you for making me smile today!

The Favorite Little Sis :) said...

I think it suits you honestly...You should put it on your car. You say poop all the time and eventually you'll be a Pop. haha Love you!

Anonymous said...

poop pop! That is really fun to say...poop pop poop pop poop pop...actually, I'm quite sure Michael has not stopped saying it since you saw it. Am I right? Joe Joe found it extremely humorous for quite a while but is now ready to jam one of the delicacies down his throat. Ah, picturing it all, brings you a little closer to home.