Monday, May 5, 2008


So one day last week I (M) woke up in the morning and found a red dot on my foot. That dot grew over the next few days, and then hung around for a few more. We think maybe a spider or something crawled in bed with us and bit me, who knows. But I have this giant thing on my foot now. Don't worry though, I'm putting hot tea bags on it, so all should be fine!

(We've also debated other tactics shared with us such as: a baking soda paste, hot towel, vinegar, hot salt water, and of course the more conventional & less exciting medical ointments.... other suggestions?)

Last night we came in the house to find this fun little guy hanging out over our bed. We welcomed him to the house and assume that we will have no more freakish bug bite problems with him around, because lizards eat bugs, right?

Swahili word for the day is wadudu, which means bugs.


Paul said...

That ugly dot goes well with your ugly toenail. My suggestion for the healing process is of course some Sex Panther. It's made with bits of real panther, so you know its good.

Kevin Eby said...

As you assemble the African food chain in your apartment, please note that it is a slippery slope toward something that will eat you.... I think you are only a few steps away from a Lion.

Michael & Joe Joe said...

I'm much more terrified of the Hippos and the Safari ants than any mamsy pamsy lions. They are so cute and cuddly!

Nick said...

I think you should have the flesh eating lion urinate on your bug bite. That should clear it right up.

Reality Show Reject said...

I think you should let Joe Joe (the former future boil doctor) lance it for you and see what's in there. I'm sure she'll be up for that! Hope you get rid of it soon! Just another reason why you should always sleep with socks on! (IMHO)

Anonymous said...

siafu...ooohhhh...say it again, say it again!! Siafu...ooohhhh

--Jenni, who is freaked out only by siafu, maggots and parasites