Friday, January 4, 2008

S Car

There's a lot of really fast cars here. Just look at this S car go!

And pray for Kenya.


Swahili word for the day (just because it's fun and we need something else to lighten the mood): Green Pepper is Pilipili hoho.


Kara Joy said...

Bet that snail never heard that one before. :)

How many times in a row can you say Pilipili hoho without messing up?

It IS fun to say. Everyone now! Pilipili hoho, Pilipili hoho, Pilipili hoho.......weeeeee!

I like it.

dinker said...

We saw the site and thought it was truly beautiful in language and photos. Thank you for putting them on the internet and we'll try to send more comments. Our prayers are with you. We are very proud of you both for all you are doing.

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Thanks Dinker, glad you found us! Look forward to hearing from you more!

Kara - 4

J & K Wilson said...

Thank you for Cameron's birthday post card. I will put it in his scrapbook. It's his first international mail:) WE miss you guys and we hope you are doing well. Cameron says "hi".

Paul said...

How can Cameron say "hi"? I think you're putting words in his mouth. At least I'm honest when I say that Ceasar purrs for you both. FYI, you might be receiving some tasty snacks from the Barth's shortly. Michael, you should be expecting some canned corn, mac and cheese, and a bag of wal-mart brand tortilla chips. I couldn't find the salsa you wanted so I sent a bottle of ketchup and a pepper. Enjoy, and we miss you guys bunches!!!!

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Glad Cameron enjoyed it... or so you say. Happy birthday today!!

Thank you Paul, sounds splendid, positively splendid. Did you remember to write "Michael and Joe Joe in AFRICA" in big bold letters? That's all you really need.