Monday, January 14, 2008

Dance Grooves

A big part of our time right now in Africa is as students. Of course we are students at language school, but we are also in a constant effort to learn the culture. Since we are still newbies to the language thing, I struggled to really get a lot of good notes from the Swahili sermon at church yesterday, but I will submit to you my “keys to success” in dancing that I observed and recorded in my journal. I think if you follow the keys to success detailed below along with the spot-on drawings, you will be able to wow your friends in no time.

-lean back
-gaze anywhere
-follow the steps, but add plenty of knee vibrations
-think hula-hoop for shape of arms
-pulling arms back accentuates leg kick
-light, baggy pants are a must
-point toes
-turn slow with arms still for dramatic effect

So much to learn!

Swahili word for the day: to dance is kucheza musiki


Kevin Eby said...

Someone you know got Jackie and I dance lessons for Christmas. They are people that love us, but I have to wonder if they chose me for the pure entertainment value.

Michael & Joe Joe said...

oh wow, that sounds incredible...

can you mail a dvd to africa??