Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Last two nights as Americans

Monday night we met with our church body and friends with no real plan but worship, and that we did. God blessed that time richly as we experienced a beautiful and fun expression of the body of Christ. Community and music touch our hearts like few other things can, we had a blast just worshipping our Savior with His children.

Tuesday night we took a short break for the two of us. We did this date night up! (Special thanks to our dear friends Kevin and Gayle for making it all happen). The night was complete with the finest of the fine, a limo ride and the best dining we could find. We laughed at dinner as we selected the proper forks and ordered things we couldn't pronounce that in less than three days we'll be sticking our hands into bowls to eat things with names we can't pronounce!

Wednesday we fly! See you soon from a new locale...


Nick said...

Wow, I look rough.

Do they have forks at Arby's? How hard is it to pronounce Big Montana?


Michael & Joe Joe said...

ha... they do

Mohn Tan Ah
I don't know about that first word though.