Saturday, October 20, 2007

escaping the airports (subtitle: signs!)

We slept in a bed last night! We laid down flat and we slept!! After two nights of airplane seats, this was a welcome relief. We are in Africa. It is a beautiful place with beautiful people. More to come on that. Until then, here's a bit of our journey to get here.

We had a layover in Chicago, what a blessing to get to see our dear friend Nic and enjoy some deep-dish pizza from Gino's East before leaving the country for two years! You look great Nic, thanks for the pizza and conversation, it's always a pleasure to visit Chicago (especially when we're not in O'Hare). Here we are standing outside the restaurant before heading back to the airport where we would sit to await our flight and start working on our British accents for the next leg.

Then on to London: In London, we got out of the airport thanks to our long layover and tried to experience the city. The underground train was fun, “mind the gap”. Fish and chips were pretty good (but expensive). Michael was wowed by all of the European cars around, then the realization that we were in Europe came to him... duh. But perhaps the best part of London was walking the streets and looking up away from the parked cars to the street signs directly in our path. All we can say is... what?

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Anonymous said...

I think the signs are warning signs. Like "Beware of Dog." I have heard that thousands of people die each year from Humped Zebra and Elderly attacks. I am glad you made it out alive!