Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Great Kids and a Tired Mind

Hey there blog. I could say something like "hey readers," but it seems too presumptuous, assuming that someone, nay more than one, reads this. So I'll address the blog. It has to listen. This is sort of like addressing oneself I guess.

I've been uninspired as of late. It's sad, un-inspiration. I have hope though. My head's been buried in French studies for the past three weeks and any coherent thought is fleeting at best. So instead of a cute parole or interesting insight, I present some photos and videos. These will be kid-heavy.

Me and my baby girl.She's a bit warm here, but agreed to be cordial for the photo. Soon after, she demanded a return to her favorite rug back at home.

The captain. We took a ferry boat out to a nearby island this weekend, and Sawyer insisted on the very front of the boat. So there he is.

My boy exploring his vocal range. If you don't know already and can correctly guess the song, 3 points to you!

Elsie doing a typical afternoon workout.

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