Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chivalry, Potty Humor

Realizing that it’s a pretty lame parental trait to constantly write/talk about your kids, I will ask your forgiveness and do it anyways.

This morning we were having a family worship time in our bedroom. Me playing guitar and singing some songs, JJ reading some verses and sharing life application, and Sawyer spinning and dancing around the room, with occasional attempts at singing combined with gutteral yells for the fun of it. During one of his widest spins, Sawyer knocked over a humidifier that sat in the corner, spilling water on the floor. He immediately said “sowwy” and came over to ask for forgiveness. We forgave him but told him that his saying sorry didn’t change the fact of what he’d done and he needed to learn not to continue making the same mistake. He then looked around the room for a moment. Settling his gaze on the water spot, he took off the jacket he was wearing and walked over to the spill, dropped to his knees, and used his jacket to wipe it up. Even though four piles of laundry sat around the room (we bought a washing machine two weeks ago, expected delivery Tuesday!) and a towel rested near the humidifier, he chose to use his own jacket for the cleanup. And they say chivalry is dead!

For added fun...

-Yesterday I heard our son call out with delight “Shower!” That was followed by my wife calmly saying, “No Sawyer, that’s not a shower, that’s the toilet.” Moments later I heard her cry out, “Sawyer, get your head out of the toilet!”

-Our kid is far far far from the most well-behaved on the block, but one thing he does pretty well is put things away. After playing with a particular toy, he’ll box it up. After finishing a book reading, back on the shelf it goes. Earlier he picked up a half roll of toilet paper that had been used for noses and said “away”. Off he ran. When we went to look, we found him in the bathroom tearing off short strips and dropping them into the toilet. Our toilet was quite full of clean strips of pink toilet paper (they like their pink toilet paper here).
Maybe he’s saying that he’s ready for potty training, or maybe I just need to close the door when I go.

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Anonymous said...

I am heartened by Sawyer's spinning, and by his repentent attitude. His use of his jacket to mop up the floor reminds me of Mary anointing Jesus with the nard. His heart is great and it is compassionate. What a future!

Love, Tim