Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Touchdown Jesus Struck Down by Fire from Heaven

Could it really be true?

This is a photo of our favorite Southern Ohio landmark that we used to pass often while traveling I-75. This one we took from our car. Somewhere I have a similar photo taken from the air, because we could see this thing out of the window of our airplane. Pictures such as these can be taken no longer.

Apparently "Touchdown Jesus" was struck by lightning last night, engulfed in flames (check out the pictures, he was apparently made of solidified gasoline, or maybe those easy burn logs that city-dwellers like myself love to take camping), and burnt to a total nothingness.

I can't believe it. My world is now changed. Mostly, I just regret that I'm not there to see the news coverage.

Read about it here: Jesus Statue Destroyed by Fire

In my grief, I wrote this Haiku:
O Touchdown Jesus
You always welcomed me home
What will I do now?

If you would like to share another poem, I feel that would be an appropriate way to mourn something that has been such a significant a part of our lives.

I hereby open the comments section for said lamentations.


Anonymous said...

Oh Touchdown Jesus your days were so few,
oh Touchdown Jesus we barely even knew.
You pointed the way to Him,
but really just looked like you were going for a swim.
You were loved and hated by those who roam,
heart of gold you had not. Just a heart of foam.
A bolt and fire were your eventual demise,
a sprinkler system or lighting rod would have been wise.
Here's to Touchdown Jesus number 2,
let's hope it's just as white, maybe a shade of blue.
People will come from miles and miles around.
build it bigger and better and the lost will be found.
Finally, it comes to this: I guess that's all she wrote.
you just got owned by the Maker, if fact you just got smote.

Ode to Inferno
by: Paul Barth

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Hahaha. Well done Paul. I had no idea that you had such beautiful poetry in you.

Anonymous said...

How about a limerick?...

There once stood a statue of Jesus,
That looked to be crafted from cheeses.
With skies booming and dark,
God created the spark,
That blew His ash into the breezes.

Title: Dust in the Wind
by: Very Anonymous

"All we are is like dust in the wind, dude." ~Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure