Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bon Voyage!

God has undoubtedly revealed to us the next step in life He has planned, and this week it became official. The pieces are falling into place, and we can now say that without a doubt we will be moving to France in short order. With a little luck, grace, and hard work, by this time next year we'll be fully integrated into the culture of France, speaking the language, and hanging with the locals while we enjoy some fresh bread and not so fresh cheese.

Please pray for us: incredibly exciting, but a move like this is tough on all of us as a family!


Kara Joy said...

I'm still available as an au pair! Will the IMB swing for that?

We will miss you very, very much. But we support you wholeheartedly in the plan God has for you.

Jason and Leslie said...

You know we will be uplifting you. Keep us updated on your journey. We are so excited for you!