Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Crater of Life

On our way home from Nairobi last week we took a day trip to visit the world famous Ngorongoro Crater. The Crater is a massive, well, crater that is constantly teeming with life. You may recognize it from the old John Wayne "Hatari" movie (filmed there) or from the beginnings of life, as some people speculate that life on this earth, maybe even in human form could have begun here. I can't say much to that theory, but I can say that it was a truly amazing and breathtaking place that was packed with wildlife. A great place to see at least once in a lifetime!


Kevin Eby said...

My kids had to settle for a picture with a puppy... and a few with 4H livestock.

Sawyer looks as if he knows how blessed he is to be a unique creation with wild experiences.

Paul said...

what's up with the hip pose with fingers in your pockets? This isn't the 80's.

Michael & Joe Joe said...

How insensitive of you Paul... everything here is about 25 years behind your hipster lifestyle: technology, fashion, music. So as you can clearly see, I am culturally relevant.