Saturday, February 14, 2009


Mighty Mouse!

Being new parents, we laugh a lot. Like when we get peed on, and just after cleaning it up, we get spit up on, only to be followed by an explosion as though Sawyer had just won the fraternity buffalo wing eating contest mere hours earlier. But one of our favorites, is his waking routine. When he slowly begins to wake up, he stretches, a lot. We're pretty sure than most of it is some sort of oriental mind-over-body meditation ritual, but one we know for sure. His favorite pose is to raise his right arm in a fist directly over his head, with his left arm clutched across his chest. He'll go to that pose and hold it for about two seconds, then slowly pull back. Every time he does it, we can audibly hear the Mighty Mouse theme song in the air. And every time we're laughing too much to take a picture. Here's a sort of picture of it, maybe one day we'll put a cape on him and really get a good one.


Barbara Metcalf Bella Vista, Arkansas said...

He's precious! I know you are enjoying every minute… even getting peed on and barfed on. :P

Hey, I was wondering if you know Scott and Jennifer Ward. They're in Nairobi right now because of medical issues with their oldest son. Their home is in Same, Tanzania in the Pare Mountains near Kilimanjaro. Scott is on facebook, and has a blog, but it's password protected. They might be staying in missionary housing in Nairobi. They're with IMB. Anyway, if you don't know them I think you would enjoy meeting them.

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Thanks Barbara! We do know the Wards. They are good friends, a great family. We've been helps to each other during our medical times and work together on the same big team in Tanzania.