Monday, November 24, 2008

Life in the Wild

Some recent animal photos:

Hanging out.

One big happy family!

What's that funny thing in the road?

Love the translation, or attempt. Trush in, trush out! Like the old GIGO saying. In Swahili below the 'english', it says in Swahili to 'please leave with your trash'.


Kara Joy said...

Is that you or the elephant asking about the funny thing in the road?

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Elephant, obviously. :)

brady said...

That looks like mikumi! awesome!

When we went there, we got to the hippo pond and everyone got out of the car and went over to look at them. Then I found out that hippos are animals that are very territorial and have a higher rate of attacking than the other animals in the park. Hmm.

Cool pictures!