Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy 25th Joe Joe!

On her birthday a week ago, Joe Joe was able to witness greetings from home and well wishes, what a fun surprise!!

Also fun was her luncheon with some girlfriends, complete with pedicures and mshikaki.


Kara Joy said...

Wasn't that the most typical Sizemore family activity? Smart alec comments, goofy responses, spastic actions. You gotta love us.

Paul said...
Birrrrrrrrrthday Joe Joe!!!!!!!
You are super fantastico. Which is, of course spanish for "you're quite a lady"

Paul and Tracy said...

I was actually just thinking about the videos today and was wondering if you had received them yet. Hope you enjoyed our song -- maybe we should join the worship team with that kind of tune?! :)
Love you Joe Joe!!

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Well our fabulous mail system has struck again, so we're getting it all slowly and in pieces. We've seen you all, heard a few, we'll let you know when we're blessed with the full monty.

Cook Family said...

Happy Birthday Joe Joe! You look so cute pregnant. Congratulations! You and Michael will be great parents. We miss you and love you, Ricky, Niki, and Kiddos