Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Triumphant Journey

Today was a glorious day.

It began yesterday really, when we arrived in Dar Es Salaam. Dar Es Salaam is the biggest and most modern city in Tanzania. This makes it the most likely place to find the elusive Dr. Pepper. Yesterday we began our search by stopping in to every yuppie upscale supermarket (that carry things like chocolate and candy and cereal and other foreigner fixes) and searching the soda aisles. One after another we left disappointed, the journey was going as expected.

But today, no no, a different story unfolded.
One major upscale supermarket on the coast we did not visit yesterday, today we made the trip and were rewarded greatly. After passing the overpriced hershey bars and skittles and miniscule sugar that can dissolve in iced tea, we were greeted by the beautiful color of maroon. There at last on the shelf sat Dr. Pepper!! Paying about $1.25 per can, we bought every can on the shelf. We left the lone 2-liter sitting on the shelf at about $5.50 for someone else to discover.

Now to decide when to enjoy... any suggestions?

Swahili word for the day:
Dr. Pepper translated to Swahili is "Daktari Pilipili".


Anonymous said...

hey guys...hope all is well. Brian cloud and I will be making the journey to south africa may 1st for a hunting trip. once thats over we're traveling to zambia and zimbabwe for victoria falls and kruger national park...total of 18 days. Jo Jo, Lensey says Hi.
Take care you guys...
Love Josh and Lens.


Anonymous said...

Nice to know that one Harrington tradition has been passed down to a fourth generation!
Love, Dad H.

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Without a doubt Dad, and if I can help it, it will go on to many many more generations. Family/friends/church, Qdoba, and DP: the 3 hardest things to leave.

Thank you to my sisters-in-law who sent another DP shirt to display my affection.

Wow, have a great trip to SA Brian and Josh. Watch out for a lone buffalo, they're fierce! And raft the Zambezi, it's a blast!

Anonymous said...

That truly was a glorious day! Congrats on African DP