Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Last year's shoebox

We're in Zambia finishing up our orientation, here's a fun story until we get back to TZ and can properly update with what's going on...

OK, so we spent 3 days living in a village in a mud hut with a grass roof, had a wonderful stay with a beautiful family. You know the Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes that you all are packing now to send overseas? Well it's a great program, and we noticed in the house of the family we stayed with a couple opened boxes that are at least 11 months old. I then noticed an assortment of cheap American toys in the house, proudly displayed like prized artifacts. Specifically I saw some yo-yos and nonchalantly picked one up. "You know what those are?!?" was the exclamation from our host family. When I wrapped the string around my finger, dropped the spinning object and pulled it back up, you'd have thought they were seeing their pet goat dance the electric slide. Sooooo.... this year as you pack those boxes, keep in mind that not everyone knows the common games we all played as children!

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Kara Joy said...

I'd like to see that goat.