Tuesday, July 17, 2007

First Leg of the Journey

Today was a little bit of a sad day... we left our home. Today was our last day in the home we have been in for our first two years of marriage. It is a little bittersweet. We feel like this is a marker of the life we are leaving behind, but also the beginning of this new great calling. We have made many wonderful memories here and shared many special times with family and friends, but we are overjoyed at the opportunity to share the gospel, to reach the nations, and minister to students halfway around the globe. We just have a little traveling to do first.

Michael's mother came to Lexington to pick us up to take us back to Springboro as we now have no cars. We will be here until July 28th. We are very excited about spending time with family before we leave. We are also very excited about our lasik surgery on Thursday. Please be in prayer for us as we recover from that. From here we will be going down to W. KY to stay with Joe Joe's family for a week. They will be bringing us up to Lexington for a commissioning service on August 5th. (If anyone is interested it will be at the Church @ Tatesbrook on Appian Way at 10:30 am.) Then on August 7th we will be flying to Virginia for our orientation. This will last two months before we leave for Tanzania.

We have a lot to anticipate over the next few weeks, but we have many questions. It's weird how okay with it that we are. It just seems to be getting easier to have many questions but live in faith that we don't have to have the answers. I know this is only a taste of how life is like in Tanzania. We are trying to learn to be flexible and uncomfortable but find peace and solace in the unexpected. Pray for our transition that we will be flexible and teachable!

Swahili word for the day is Duma which means cheetah!


Nick said...

Hey, I found your blog; why didn't you tell me you had a blog??

so am i reading this correctly, you are in springboro now?

man, we are delinquent dinner responders.

Michael & Joe Joe said...

Hey nick, thanks for finding us, just got it up and running: still trying to understand this crazy blog thing!

We're visiting family for a couple weeks, will be back in Lexington before gone for good...

Nick said...

what out for Dumas whiles you're visiting family.

P & T Barth said...

We love and miss you guys very much!

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe Joe and Michael!! Just seen your blog its already fun to read I can't wait to see the journey that is ahead of you two!! You will have to update everyday haha!! Best Wishes Kim B @ Premiermortgage